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Apartment Collections, Debt Collection,
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Debt settlement is a great option for those that have outstanding debt. A good candidate more often than not has a considerable amount of credit card or unsecured debt while having the ability to settle out debt over time. We interact to the creditors and debt collectors for our clients. As a matter of fact, once we are hired and the debt collector or creditors knows we are involved, they can no longer contact our clients. Once hired, our job is to look for any exceptions, or conceivable infringement that could allow us to go to the creditor to try and get a more desirable settlement.



We want you to know that we are completely devoted to finding a better way for all consumers who are having a hard time handling student loans.  Please note, we are not a Student Loan Relief company, however we are not novice to helping consumers find relief with their Student Loan debt. Credit history aside, let us help you get free from all your Student Loan Worries



A creditor or debt buyer may decide to file a lawsuit against a debtor if they feel this is the best way to collect a debt. Debt collector lawsuits are filed by the thousands every month in Dallas County, Collin County, Tarrant County, and Denton County. In fact, many people are surprised that they are being sued for only a few thousand dollars or believed that since it was a credit card debt they would not be sued.



Late IRS Tax Returns, IRS Tax Liens,
IRS Installment Agreement, IRS Offer in Compromise, IRS Wage Garnishment,
IRS Bank Levy, Statutory Limits on IRS Collection, IRS Penalty Abatement,
IRS Payroll Taxes, IRS Innocent Spouse Relief

Can you afford to live on half of your paycheck? If you owe back taxes and fail to pay them you may have to. Ignoring IRS tax collection notices due to procrastination, anxiety, or inability to pay may eventually lead to wage garnishment or loss of prized assets in a tax lien or bank levy.

You may think that tax debt collection operates in the same way consumer debt collection does, meaning that the party you owe may pursue you via mail or phone for years before taking any drastic steps or legal action. Be advised that if you are not actively working with the IRS on your debt—or with your state tax assessor if you owe state taxes—the government can take swift action on its right to collect at any time.



If consumers decide not to resolve a judgment, they may face:

  • Bank Garnishments
  • Receivership Lawsuit
  • Damaging Credit
  • Unable to take out loans
  • More fees



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